Friday, August 7, 2020

Little ones grow up fast

here we have mummy tweety with from left to right Tintin, Thompson and Snowy

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hello Everyone we hope you are all staying safe.....

I would never have guessed that it was a year since my last post, that will change and I will try and post as often as possible so those of you who are cooped up inside can at least get some images of the great outdoors even if it is just our garden.

At this time of great worry and sadness we thought you may like to meet our very latest addition to our gang. This little ball of fluff hatched to surrogate mother Tweety this morning.

we obviously do not know if it is a boy or girl but its mum was Georgina Hennington and dad was Mr White.

Here we have all the hens sunning themselves on the mountain and they are from left to right Tweety, Pebble, Dash and Georgina.

and finally here is the daddy our Silky Cockerel Mr White or Big Daddy.......

This time last year it was cold and wet but this year it is warm and sunny, a good year to come into this crazy world.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Our Neighbours

We have sheep that wander all around the garden and occasionally through it - now is our favourite time as the lambs are here - some even have special coats for our Irish weather !

Number 27 lamb is only a day old and follows mum around like a shadow.

Keeps them warm and dry and just drops off as they grow...

Running, Jumping. Skipping and Butting Heads is how they pass the time

along with eating and sleeping of course.

The mums always keep a beady eye on us humans as we are not to be trusted

A black and white bundle of loveliness.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

On the Beach

Now we have the chickens settled and a little more work completed on the house I have had time to spend outside getting to know the garden and it inhabitants a little better
This is the view from our little piece of the shoreline that came with the house - very lucky us !!
The mists and cloud continuously change and no two minutes are the same.

This little guy is a Turnstone and they do exactly what it says in the name.....but you would be amazed at the size of some of the boulders they can turn over to look for bugs underneath.

Every bay along our coast has its resident pair of Mute Swans and this is our female

this little Green Crab ( I think as I am just learning the types of creatures we find here ) I rescued from a lobster pot washed up along the shore he and two others were OK but unfortunately another was dead.
I love the way its eyes come out on stalks so it can have a good look around. 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Big Day Out

Big day today in the life of Pebble and Dash, they had their first foray into the great wide world ( our mountain garden ) and loved every minute of it.....

they found new wonderful and tasty treats like grubs, worms, centipedes and lots of other creepy crawlies.....YUMMY 

Pebble as always was worried about her barnet as she just could not do a thing with it in this wind.

Dash is just the oposite, could not give a fig what he or she looks like but just wanted more food.......

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Getting Bigger

Just a quick update on the chicks progress.....

they are now getting their feathers and look more Punk than pretty, eating anything that they can find that tastes good and fits into their beaks

plus it looks as though the white one
here who is called Dash may be a male as he is getting feathers on his legs, but we hope Pebble below will be a lovely girl like her mum.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Arrivals

Hi everyone I thought you might like to see these little chaps and their big Daddies.......

Here the chicks are only two days old.....

and here they are now around a week old.